The environmental services team

Sept. 12-16, 2016, was no typical week at Darcy Hall of Life Care in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Associates celebrated Environmental Services Appreciation Week with oodles of fun activities honoring the hardworking housekeeping and plant services staff. They kicked off the week on Monday with a special breakfast. On Tuesday, associates played bingo and “Minute to Win It”-style games with prizes.


On Wednesday, environmental services associates got to have massages, and on Thursday, the team had lunch together and participated in Environmental Services Olympics, complete with carrot eating, pantyhose bowling, sword pad catching, sheet folding and balloon blowing.


The highlight of the week, however, took place on Friday the 16th. The team participated in a housekeeping cart decoration contest, judged by members of other departments. Five carts, designed by two associates each, competed for the prize of $100. In the running were an election 2016 cart, a friendly ghost cart, a fun fest house cart, a haunted house cart and a cart that looked like the Darcy Hall bus!


Odilia Mendez, housekeeper, and Alejandro Villa-Sanchez, floor tech, won the contest with their political creation.


Patricia Royal, laundry/housekeeping assistant, shared about the week: “It made us feel very special for the effort that Sidonie [Richards, environmental director] put into our week to show appreciation for our hard work. Each day’s event was very special and different from anything I had ever experienced anywhere else.”


Richards also provided all of her team members with a T-shirt for each day celebrating their contributions to the facility.


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